Can I get pregnant if I’m taking birth control pills?

9 Jul 2020

Despite taking the contraceptive pill there are cases of unwanted pregnancies, so doubts arise about this method and its effectiveness. In this article we solve all your doubts.

What is the contraceptive pill and how does it work?

The daily pill is an oral contraceptive, and one of the most used hormonal methods today. Its contraceptive function acts by inhibiting ovulation and thickening the cervical mucus so that the sperm can not reach the fallopian tubes, where fertilization takes place.

It can also be prescribed to treat irregularities or imbalances in the cycle.

Types of birth control pills that exist:

The combination of double hormone (estrogens and progestins), and those of a single hormone (progestogens). The specialist will assess according to the needs of each woman which is the best option.

There is no better than the other, and they do not differ in the effectiveness against pregnancy, both having more than 98% efficacy.

Can I get pregnant while taking the contraceptive pill?

Yes, it is possible to get pregnant, especially in the following cases:

  • If it is not used correctly, forgetting it takes some days, not taking it at the same time, etc. For its greatest effectiveness it is important to always take it at the same time without forgetting any shot.
  • Take some other type of medication such as antibiotics or antidepressants because they can reduce their effectiveness. Always consult with the specialist in case you are prescribed one.
  • If you suffer from vomiting or diarrhea in the 3-4 hours after taking it, it may also reduce its effectiveness. Consult with the specialist.
  • In the first week of using the pill for the first time, it may not yet have reached its greatest effectiveness.

In any of these cases, from our legal abortion clinic in Barcelona we recommend the use of condoms to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

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