Intimate surgery

Intimate surgery

Intimate surgery and labioplasty in Barcelona

Many women may feel dissatisfied with the appearance of their genitalia due to their shape or deterioration caused by childbirth. This can cause insecurities or discomfort when it comes to having sex or wearing the clothes they like.

Looking for an expert in Labioplasty in Barcelona? Do you need a female intimate surgery professional? Thanks to the laser technique, at Centro Médico Aragón we manage to mold the vaginal lips (labioplasty), return vaginal tension after delivery, rebuild virginity, correct incontinence or even expand the G-spot for greater sexual satisfaction.

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Female intimate surgery

Intimate laser surgery is a noticeable improvement over traditional techniques resulting in faster interventions with less inflammation and bleeding. The recovery process is also shorter and more comfortable for the patient.

At CMA, we have one of the best intimate surgery teams in Barcelona and we will help you get the desired look.

Intimate surgery aesthetically improves your appearance, restores confidence and self-esteem to patients.


Are you thinking of intimate surgery?

Among the treatments offered by the Intimate Surgery Unit are:


 Minor lip hypertrophy can create visible asymmetry or wrinkled appearance and increased pigmentation. These changes can lead to hygiene problems, chronic inflammations, discomfort with wearing tight clothing or during sex.

Many women can be born with large lips and some develop this condition after giving birth or with age.

With laser labioplasty, it is possible to reduce and shape the shape of the minor lips, aesthetically improving their appearance and returning confidence and self-esteem to patients.


Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation involves narrowing the vagina and returning tension to the vaginal walls.

Relaxation of the vaginal walls can be caused by multiple births, age, or being of hereditary origin. These changes can lead to urine loss and decreased sexual satisfaction due to loss of friction during intercourse.

With laser vaginal rejuvenation, it is possible to improve the patient’s sexual intercourse and decrease involuntary loss of urine.

Mount Venus Liposculpture

Through a mini-liposuction we can eliminate excess fat on the Mount of Venus, aesthetically improving the appearance of the pubis. This is an intervention that is performed under local anesthesia or sedation and lasts approximately 30 minutes.


 Hymenoplasty or hymen reconstruction involves restoring the membrane surrounding the opening of the vagina that may have been torn due to trauma or sexual intercourse.

It is a simple technique, currently in high demand in Spain for cultural or religious reasons.

G-SHOT (G-Spot)

Increases G-point sensitivity

It is a revolutionary procedure specially designed to increase the sensitivity of G-spot and has become one of the most desired methods by those women in search of sexual arousal and pleasure.

Point G is an area surrounded by nerve tissue found in the anterior wall of the vagina and which when stimulated increases the quality of orgasms and sexual pleasure.

This procedure involves increasing the size of the G-spot by injecting hyaluronic acid that makes this area more accessible and can be directly stimulated and thus produce a higher degree of sexual arousal.

It is a simple and safe method that is performed in consultation, with local anesthesia in less than 15 minutes and with satisfactory results that last at least 4 months.




As part of your abortion treatment with us, you will be offered a method of contraception that you decide is the most suitable for you.


Counseling is a form of conversation therapy that allows you to discuss your feelings in a confidential environment without prejudice.

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Preparing for your abortion

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