Centro Médico Aragón

Coronavirus COVID19: Important information

COVID-19: we are open as usual and here if you need us. We provide an essential medical service.

All of our clinics are open normally for face-to-face, telemedicine, medical or surgical treatments, including vasectomy. Our priority is to continue providing care to patients who need us, both for abortion and vasectomy services.

Unless we have contacted you to let you know otherwise, rest a guarantee that your appointment will be made normally. We will keep this notice under regular review and post any updates on this page (last updated February 1, 2021).

All patients go through a screening process before arriving at the clinic

Our services are by appointment only, so all patients who access our clinics have booked their appointments with our call center, during which the risks are assessed appropriately following health and public health guidelines. If you answer any of the questions in the affirmative, you will be asked to call again within 15 days if your symptoms have subsided, or provide us with proof of a negative test before booking.

Centro Médico Aragón

Patient and visitor escorts

To keep all patients and team members safe, we have had to reduce access within our clinics: patients are asked to enter the unaccompanied clinic so that we can encourage social estating, and we have removed half of the seats in the waiting areas to allow for the esttachment they meet. There are screens at the front desk and many hand hygiene units around the building.

Patients under the age of 18 or vulnerable people may attend with someone else who may be asked to wait outside after appointments.

In addition, we have signs at all clinics that remind staff and patients to wear a mask, maintain social estating when possible, and information posters on the spread of disease, and how to prevent them. You’ll need to wear a mask at all times inside the clinic. If you don’t have a mask, we’ll give you one. Staff members in all areas are using PPE in our clinics.

We’ve reduced the time at the clinic

Your initial medical consultation and evaluation will be done over the phone with a specialist nurse or doctor. We’ll have a conversation to let you know about your options before making a decision and also to gather information about your medical history. After this conversation, we’ll give you an appointment for one of our clinics.

We’ve reduced the number of times you have to visit the clinic and the time you spend at the clinic.

Tips before going to the clinic in person

For safety, please do not go to the clinic if:

  • You have a continuous cough
  • You have a temperature of more than 37.8 degrees.

We won’t be able to take care of you if you have any of these symptoms and we’ll have to reschedule appointments.

All patients with COVID19 symptoms should be quarantined for 10 days. We’ll ask you to take a quick test later and if it’s negative, you can book a new appointment.

Please call us reschedule your appointment if you have had contact with someone who is passing COVID19 within 14 days of your appointment.