How to prepare for your appointment

Surgical abortion

Preparing for your appointment

Once you’ve considered your treatment options and called us to book, you can start preparing for your abortion appointment.

On this page you will find information about what to bring, how to organize the trip, guidance on how to eat and drink before your treatment and other information that will help you prepare for abortion.

If you think you’d like to speak with an advisor to discuss your decision, call us for a counseling appointment. We can make a face-to-face appointment for you at one of our clinics, or a phone appointment at the time that suits you best. All patients are entitled to free counseling sessions before or at any time after treatment.

Price from 340€


We provide in-person or telephone abortion counseling for anyone who wants to discuss their decision before or after their treatment.

Tips for companions

If you’re a partner, friend, or family member of someone who’s having an abortion, here are some tips on how you can support it.


More than 95 % d and our clients have their abortion funded by the SNS. If you prefer, you can also pay to have one privately.

Abortion and your rights

Who to bring with you

Essence information about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In order to further support the social estating measures introduced by Health, we are taking the following actions to minimize the number of people with which our staff and patients come into contact:

  • Unless you are under the age of 18 or need a caregiver, your companion will not be able to enter the clinic. You will need to inform your companion about how long it will take until I can pick you up.
  • When we need to provide clinical information at the time of discharge after conscious sedation or general anesthesia, we will call your companion by phone with the speaker on so that the two can hear the instructions and information.
  • There are no facilities for children, so make arrangements for childcare. However, if you find this difficult, please let us know when booking your appointment so we can help.
  • Whoever accompanies you should be patient while we perform all necessary medical checks and examinations during your appointment. We need to make sure that your treatment is carried out professionally, safely and within the law.
  • How long you’ll stay at the clinic depends on the type of appointment you have. Some can last a total of 2.5 hours and others up to 7 hours.
  • If you are undergoing surgical treatment under sedation or general anesthesia (sleeping), it is recommended that someone take you home. You mustn’t drive home alone
  • If you are under the age of 18, you will need to come to the clinic with your parents or legal guardian to consent to treatment.

Arrange the return trip

It’s important to arrange your return trip before you go to the appointment, as you won’t be able to drive home if you’ve had an abortion treatment with sedation or general anesthesia.

We strongly recommend that you bring someone with you to your treatment so that they can accompany you home later and stay with you for the next 24 hours. It’s just a precaution.

For patients traveling from abroad, we know you’ve traveled to get to their appointment. You’ll want to get home as soon as possible, but we strongly recommend that you spend the night in the village with friends or family.

By contacting us before you travel, we can answer any questions you may have about treatment options, prices, travel, how long you should stay in the city and whether you should be accompanied on your trip.

Call us at (+34) 934 529 930 to speak with one of our advisors.

International Patient

What to bring

We’ll ask you to bring the following to your appointment:

  • Any medications you’re taking (including inhalers).
  • Any information you have from your doctor about any medical conditions.
  • Your doctor’s or primary care center’s referral document, if you have one.
  • Any report of a previous query.
  • An extra pair of comfortable underwear.
  • Suitable compresses for abundant flow, no tampons or menstrual cup.
  • Your glasses and contact lens kit if you wear contact lenses. You may need to remove your contact lenses before your treatment.

Looking for more information about our abortion services?

Here you will find answers to the questions people ask most frequently. If you can’t find the information you need, call us at (+34) 934 529 930

Fasting guidelines

There are fasting guidelines for each abortion treatment that is very important to follow.
This is for your safety, and your appointment may need to be changed to another day if you don’t follow the guidelines.

If you have any questions before your appointment about these fasting guidelines, or anything else, call us at (+34) 934 529 930.


For a medical abortion

  • 24 hours before the appointment: don’t drink alcohol
  • 48 hours after treatment: Don’t drink alcohol until 48 hours after treatment


For a surgical abortion with anesthesia

For your safety, it is very important that your stomach is empty before undergoing a procedure under general anesthesia or sedation.

  • 24 hours before the appointment: don’t drink alcohol
  • 6 hours before treatment: Do not ingest solids. You mustn’t eat anything for at least 6 hours before your appointment. You can drink clear liquids such as water.
  • 2 hours before treatment : Don’t drink anymore. You can drink clear liquids, such as water, only up to 2 hours before treatment.
  • 48 hours after treatment: Do not drink alcohol until 48 hours after treatment.

Avoid heavy meals, as they may not have been completely assimilated through your stomach in time for your appointment.

You can chew gum and suck candy until the moment you’re called for your procedure.

Everything you drink before the procedure should be a clear liquid, such as water or clear apple juice. Please don’t drink milk or anything from milk.

You’ll be able to eat and drink normally after your treatment.


Organizing childcare and breastfeeding

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to bring any children to the clinic.

This is so that we can be as sensitive as possible to others who may be in the waiting areas. For this reason, we do not have facilities for children in our clinics. If you can, organize the care of the children, as your appointment will take several hours.

If you’re breastfeeding

Small traces of a drug from a drug or surgical abortion could pass into breast milk. If you have a surgical abortion with anesthesia, in most cases it’s OKAY to breastfeed after you’re discharged. If you have a drug abortion, after taking the 2nd series of tablets (misoprostol) it is recommended that you wait for 5 hours before breastfeeding. Let us know if you are breastfeeding and if you want more support and advice.

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Making the decision that’s right for you

Before deciding whether to go ahead with an abortion, it can be helpful to be as informed as possible. We’ve compiled some information about abortion that we hope you’ll find helpful here.

Legal abortion and your rights

The current law recognizes the freedom of women to have an abortion. Spanish women can freely interrupt their pregnancies up to 14 weeks and in some cases up to 22 weeks.

Abortion and your rights
Preparing for Your Abortion
Preparing for your abortion

Once you’ve booked your treatment with us, we’ll help you prepare for your appointment. Read tips on what to bring, how to arrange travel, guidance on eating and drinking before your treatment, and more.

A cost guide

Over 70% de of our patients have their abortion funded by the NHS (National Health System). You can also pay privately if you prefer, or if you are not eligible for NHS funding.

A cost guide
Travelling from abroad
International patients

We have over 35 years of experience supporting French women to have a legal abortion in Spain, and we understand what to consider before travelling.

Tips for Companions

If you are a partner, friend or family member of someone who is having an abortion, here are some tips on how you can support her.

Tips for companions