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We are committed to providing the best services for our patients and our SNS partners.

Centro Medico Aragon is an authorized health organization and we are committed to providing the best services for our patients and our SNS partners.

Preparing for Your Abortion

Our governance and assurance structures are designed to ensure that we consistently provide a safe, effective, attentive and personalized service for everyone who comes to visit.

They help us, our patients and our collaborators, the confidence that we adhere to the highest standards of quality and best practices, relevant regulations and the law.

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  • Safeguarding vulnerablechildren and adults
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Clinical Safety

Safety is always our top priority.

We regularly inspect and audit our services, conduct training and drills, and update our policies and protocols according to the latest scientific evidence. We also learn from incidents in real time through our robust reporting and review systems, which include a weekly group of patient complaint monitoring, incidents and feedback.

Clinical safety is also monitored by our Clinical Effectiveness Group, which receives regular reports from various sub-working groups on stress prevention and management and infection prevention and control.

Through these various measures, we assure ourselves, our patients and our collaborators that our practice is of the highest quality, and that we put the safety and well-being of our patients above all else.


Quality assurance and improvement

We are proud to be an ongoing learning organization, continually seeking to improve our services and ensure their quality and compliance with relevant regulations and laws.

Quality is monitored through regular inspections and audits, patient feedback, quality and performance panels, and clinical quality dashboards. The information about our quality and the improvement actions that are constantly taking place flows directly “from the external consultation to the Board”, so that we have confidence in our service at all levels.

The guarantee is first sought at the clinical level through local Integrated Governance Meetings, then at the regional level through Regional Integrated Governance Meetings, corporately through the Quality Subcommittee and the Executive Management Team, and finally at the board level through the Integrated Governance Committee. The Board has the ultimate responsibility of the organization. Quality improvement is also overseen by the various expert groups reporting in our Quality Subcommittee, including the Clinical Efficacy Group, the Drug Management Group and the Medical Management Group.

These groups ensure that our service is safe and effective, that we protect patients and their information, and that we adhere to best practices, regulatory frameworks and the law. Our expert groups, leadership and staff in general consist of highly qualified, experienced and committed professionals.

    Making the decision that’s right for you

    Before deciding whether to go ahead with an abortion, it can be helpful to be as informed as possible. We’ve compiled some information about abortion that we hope you’ll find helpful here.

    Legal abortion and your rights

    The current law recognizes the freedom of women to have an abortion. Spanish women can freely interrupt their pregnancies up to 14 weeks and in some cases up to 22 weeks.

    Abortion and your rights
    Preparing for Your Abortion
    Preparing for your abortion

    Once you’ve booked your treatment with us, we’ll help you prepare for your appointment. Read tips on what to bring, how to arrange travel, guidance on eating and drinking before your treatment, and more.


    More than 70 % d of our patients have their abortion funded by the SNS. You can also pay privately if you prefer, or if you are not eligible for SNS funding.

    A cost guide
    Travelling from abroad

    We have more than 35 years of experience supporting French women so that they can have an abortion in Spain, and we understand what needs to be taken into account before traveling.

    Consejos para acompañantes

    Si eres pareja, amiga o familiar de alguien que se está sometiendo a un aborto, aquí tienes algunos consejos sobre cómo puedes apoyarla.

    Tips for companions