Abortion Myths

9 Jul 2020

Unfortunately, there is a significant number of false or inaccurate myths about abortion that may confuse women who decide to opt for a voluntary abortion. In our center we are specialists in interruptions of pregnancy and abortions in Spain for more than 30 years and we know that in many cases, these myths cause unnecessary suffering to women.

The most widespread myths about abortion

Many women worry about how they will feel after having an abortion, if they can feel depressed or sad. However, it is scientifically proven that abortion does not increase the risk of suffering from mental health problems unless there is a previous history.

– Another widely spread false myth about abortion is whether it can affect female fertility. Currently the practice of abortion performed both surgically and with medication, has no impact on future fertility, is a scientific fact. In fact, the woman can become pregnant again after 15 days if contraceptive measures are used.

– There are cases in which women are upset to think that during the abortion the embryo may suffer. It is scientifically proven that they can not feel pain until at least 24 weeks of gestation, since until then the nerve connections of the cerebral cortex, the area that processes the pain response in the brain, are not formed.

– Some women have the feeling of being “oddballs” or feel irresponsible and selfish because they perform an abortion, consider that few women are in that position. However, the reality is very different, in Spain they abort 10 out of every thousand women between 15 and 44 years old, a total of 94,123 abortions in 2017, of which 19,686 were performed in Catalonia.

We also observe in our center, day by day, that the women who decide to interrupt their pregnancy, do so after having meditated a lot and weighed their capacity, their desires, their possibilities, arriving at the conclusion that it is not the moment to take it forward .

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