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    Instrumental abortion can be done up until 22 weeks

Instrumental abortion

Up to 22 weeks

Surgical abortion Barcelona

Up to 14 weeks

The surgical abortion procedure up to 14 weeks consists of an ultrasound-guided aspiration.

The procedure is performed in the operating room, in a totally sterile environment. The cervix is disinfected with iodine solution and apply local anesthesia at known points of the cervix to facilitate their expansion until you can insert a thin plastic tube for aspirating the uterine contents .Most women  report experiencing this aspiration as a strong rule, but short . The procedure takes 5 to 10 minutes.

After the procedure, rest a reasonable time in the recovery room where nurses will be with you at all times and will explain  you in more detail the steps after being discharged.

From 14 weeks

In our clinics of Barcelona and Girona we can also terminate pregnancies up to 22 weeks. For these procedures it is needed slightly dilate the cervix and in some cases , a drug ( prostaglandin ) is administered two hours before the procedure to soften the cervix . The uterine contents is evacuated using special gynecological instruments and a plastic tube for suction . This is a slightly longer and procedure lasts between 10 to 20 minutes.
After the procedure, pass a recovery room where nurses be with you at all times and explain in more detailsthe steps after being discharged. The recovery room time is a bit longer than the pregnancy less than 14 weeks.


The abortion is usually done under local anesthesia. However, you can choose sedation that will allow you to be asleep throughout the procedure , allowing abortion without pain or discomfort .
This type of anesthesia requires the patient come fasting 5 hours prior to your procedure.
After the procedure is immediately awakened , being a superficial sedation , and move on to the recovery room .

Control appointment

All our patients leave with an appointment for your visit check two weeks after the abortion procedure or Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (IVE ) . It can be performed in our clinics in Barcelona, ​​Palma de Mallorca or Girona or your doctor. During the monitoring visit , the doctor will perform an ultrasound scan and assess as has been the evolution after the abortion procedure or Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (IVE ) . Then if all goes well , will give the ultimate high .

Instrumental abortion prices

Less than 12 weeks. Local anesthesia 340 €
Less than 12 weeks. Sedation 390 €
12 weeks 490 €
13 weeks 590 €
14-16 weeks 790 €
17-18 weeks 990 €
19-20 weeks 1290 €
21 weeks 1490 €
22 weeks 1790 € - 2290 € *

* According to medical-obstetric conditions.