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    Phimosis operation

Phimosis operation

The circumcision brings many benefits beyond the correction of phimosis

phimosis barcelona

Phimosis occurs when the foreskin gets enough not retract to expose the glans , which may bother when having sex , urination and predisposed to urinary tract infections .
Although this surgery is usually performed in childhood , in many cases correction is delayed until adulthood.
It is a simple operation and just 30 minutes, and that practice under local anesthesia , so the post -operative is relatively comfortable.



Phimosis width local anesthesia 430 €
Phimosis with sedation 550 €

Are you thinking in urological surgery ?

Can you perform the operation Bridle and phimosis in one visit ?

Yes . Although they are two different interventions can be performed both in the same surgical procedure and utilize their advantages and one recovery period.

How long should I stay without sex ?

It is recommended not maintain relationships for three or four weeks after the operation to get a good recovery. After that time you may resume sexual activity without limits.

What kind of care have to take home?

During the first 10 days you should wash the wound twice a day , dry thoroughly and then apply an antiseptic cream topically.

How long it takes to return to normal activities?

After two days of rest can reinstate the activities of daily life, however you have to be careful with physical efforts that may affect the area for two weeks, after which , the recovery will be complete.