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  • Gynecologist Barcelona
    It rejuvenates from within yourself

Intimate surgery

Aesthetically improves your appearance, returns confidence and self-esteem to patients.

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Many women may feel dissatisfied with the appearance of their genitals because of their shape or damage caused by childbirth. This can lead them insecurities or discomfort when having sex or wearing clothes they like.

Using laser technology, in Aragon Medical Center got mold labia , vaginal return the tension after childbirth, rebuild virginity, correct incontinence or even expand the G-spot for greater sexual satisfaction

Intimate laser surgery is a significant improvement over traditional techniques resulting in faster interventions with less swelling and bleeding. The recovery process is also shorter and comfortable for the patient.

Aragon Medical Center , we have one of the best teams in intimate surgery in Barcelona and help you achieve the desired look.


Are you thinking in an intimate surgery?

Among the treatments we offer Intimate Surgery Unit is known for


labiaplasty Girona


With Laser labiaplasty the inner vaginal lips
can be reduced in size and reshape. 
Vaginal Rejuvenation Barcelona

Vaginal rejuvenation

Vaginal Tightening and returning the tension of vagina walls.
liposculpture Mallorca

Mons pubis

Mini - liposuction to remove excess fat pubis.
hymen reconstruction barcelona


Hymen reconstruction.
Amplify G spot girona


Increases the sensitivity of the G spot.