What is the Intrauterine Ball (BIU)?

9 Jul 2020

The Intrauterine Ball (BIU) is the new contraceptive method without hormons, released a few months ago in Spain, which has revolutionized the world of contraceptive methods.

This intrauterine device, like the IUD, relies on the spermicidal properties of copper to offer a safe and effective birth control. This hormonal contraceptive device has an efficiency of 99.87% and effectiveness reaches 5 years. Today from Aragon Medical Center we want to tell and inform you more about this topic, let’s start!

Advantages of the Intrauterine Ball

No side effects. Say goodbye to the annoying side effects of other common contraceptive methods such as weight gain. In addition, menstrual pain and increased bleeding are also less frequent.

No effects for the livid.

It does not affect bone metabolism.

Suitable for all types of women. No matter how old you are or if you have had children or not, the BIU is indicated for all women without discrimination.

Ideal for women at risk of breast cancer, hypertensive, obese or smokers.

Total comfort. It can be placed at any time during the menstrual cycle and has a very easy insertion, as well as a lower expulsion rate. Here we must emphasize that in comparison to the IUD, the BIU presents some improvements of insertion due to its small and flexible size.

Frequently asked questions about the Intrauterine Ball (BIU)

How is the BIU inserted and removed?

The insertion of the BIU must be performed by a gynecologist specialized on an outpatient basis. It is advisable to place it in the last days of menstruation.

An important point to keep in mind is that when the Intrauterine Ball is removed, fertility is recovered immediately. To remove it has two ropes attached to one end of the frame.

Is there any risk of infection during BIU insertion?

The risks of infection are the same as they may be when placing an IUD. To control these risks, a preventive antibiotic is administered to the patient.

Can the BIU be used by female athletes?

Thanks to its size, the BIU is not affected by sudden movements typical of the sport. Therefore, we can affirm that the BIU can be used by female athletes.

Can the Intrauterine Ball (BIU) be able to move after an MRI?

Since it is not made of magnetic materials, there does not have to be displacement; however, it is convenient to inform the radiologist before performing the resonance.