What is normal after an abortion

9 Jul 2020

It is important to know what symptoms you can have after having made an abortion in an abortion clinic like ours, knowing what happens to your body is essential to know what is normal and not after an abortion.

What is normal after an abortion?

  • The normal after performing an abortion is to have blood loss similar to a rule for a few days, or more irregularly, although it may happen that the first few days do not stain anything until after 4 or 5 days. These losses, sometimes, may contain some clots.
  • Pains similar to those of menstruation can also appear, in some cases somewhat more intense, and can be controlled with analgesics (as long as it is not aspirin).
  • It may happen that the day after the intervention there is some muscle pain, similar to stiffness, this is due to anesthesia and in these cases you can also take an analgesic other than aspirin.
  • In some cases fever may also appear from 37.5º to 38.5º the first three days and then disappear.
  • The first menstrual period can take between 30 and 40 days after the abortion, it can be more abundant and longer than normal and even stain clots.

When should you worry?

The complications after an abortion are usually minimal, but it is important to know at what time you should worry and go immediately to the doctor.

  • If your fever rises more than normal (38.5º) and persists, you should immediately contact the doctor.
  • If the pain is more intense than normal and is not relieved by analgesics you should also contact the doctor.
  • In the case that the losses are very abundant, it is considered hemorrhage to fill two compresses in an hour, it is also important that you go to the doctor.

For a quick recovery it is important to follow the recommendations and guidelines that the doctor will give you on the day of the interruption and go to the subsequent controls to verify that your body returns to normal.