What are the advantages of surgical abortion?

9 Jul 2020

Aspiration or surgical abortion is the most used method to terminate a pregnancy in Spain. The main advantages of this method that indicate the women who have done it, is that it is faster and less painful.

How is the surgical abortion performed?

Surgical abortion is performed mainly with sedation, for this reason women stand out as advantages of feeling less pain. Sedation, other than general anesthesia, causes an induction to a mild sleep, which guarantees the patient not to find out about the procedure.

The biggest advantage of this method is its brevity in the procedure, the intervention only lasts from 5 to 20 minutes (depending on the gestation week in which it is practiced).

When you are discharged, for about 15 days you may present a bleeding, similar or inferior to a rule. Normally the losses and subsequent discomfort are greater in a pharmacological interruption.

More advantages of surgical abortion:

  • It has a 99% effectiveness.
  • It can be done up to 22 legal weeks. (14 weeks by free decision, until 22 in the case of assumptions).
  • The procedure is controlled at all times by specialists (performed with ultrasound control).
  • Recovery times in the clinic: half an hour in small gestations, a maximum of 2 or 3 hours in more advanced pregnancies.

It should be noted that on the day of the intervention you may feel somewhat dizzy and tired, this is due to the effect of anesthesia, which remits in a short time.

Most women can resume their normal life the next day.

Any procedure must be performed after having made a previous visit, in which professionals will recommend one method or another depending on your case. In the end you will make the decision in a mature, informed and responsible way.

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