We present the abortion website in Barcelona

9 Jul 2020

We have recently created a new web page exclusively for abortion in Barcelona in order to provide a better service to all our patients. The creation of a new website we have seen it necessary, in addition to a business decision, to give better customer service to our patients.

In the new website, you will find all the necessary information on the different treatments to abort, the abortion prices in Barcelona and the location of our clinic in Barcelona.

In addition to abortion, within our medical center we perform other services such as gynecological examinations and intimate surgery, but we also care about man’s health as complete revisions in urology, ETS and we also treat vasectomy, the permanent contraceptive method for him.

We have more than 25 years of experience caring for and supporting the health of women and making decisions regarding the continuity or otherwise of pregnancy. Therefore, when a patient visits us for advice, we always provide all the necessary information to resolve any doubts that may arise before carrying out the treatment on voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVE).

If you want to abort and need advice, you can visit our website abortarenbarcelona.com and we will help you in everything you need. If you wish you can call us at 934529930 or request a visit through our contact form.

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