Voluntary interruption of pregnancy

9 Jul 2020

interrupcion voluntaria del embarazo

Deciding to interrupt a pregnancy is not easy, but it is a right protected by Spanish law. At Centro Médico Aragón, we specialize in carrying out legal abortion in Spain.

Here’s how to perform an interruption with a surgical method.

When can a pregnancy interrupt be practiced?

The current Spanish legislation allows the voluntary free interruption of pregnancy within the first fourteen weeks of gestation, or until twenty-two weeks of gestation in the following cases:

– That there is a serious risk to the life or health of the pregnant woman.
– In case of serious anomalies in the fetus.
– In case of fetal anomalies incompatible with life.

Is it a dangerous intervention? What are the possible risks?

The voluntary interruption of pregnancy carried out in an authorized medical center, by professionals trained specifically for this, has no more risks than a minor surgical intervention.

Abortion does not cause sterility. There is no impediment to becoming pregnant again, in fact, it can happen 15-20 days after the voluntary interruption of pregnancy if contraceptive methods are not used.

The risks are the same as in any other type of surgery. Infections, vaginal bleeding, tears or perforation of the cervix, abscess inside the abdomen, alterations in nearby organs such as the bladder.

It is important to follow medication and medical instructions to prevent any type of complication both during and after the voluntary termination of pregnancy.

How is the surgical procedure performed?

If your health is good you will only need a blood test to confirm your blood Rh and also perform a study of coagulation and red blood cells, to rule out problems of anemia or coagulation disorders.

The day of the voluntary interruption of pregnancy should be fasted 6 hours before (without eating or drinking anything, or water).
Up to the fourteenth week of gestation the aspiration method is used either with local anesthesia or sedation.

From week fifteen to twenty-two, the method of dilation and evacuation is always used under sedation.

You will be in the clinic in the case of the intervention with local anesthesia about 45 min at rest and observation, or 2/3 hours in case of sedation. Once successfully recovered, you will be discharged and the evolution will continue at your home.

You can recover your normal life the day after the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, avoiding efforts, long trips or bathing during the following 15 days.

It is important to conduct a follow-up visit with ultrasound 15 days after the intervention.
In case of not using any hormonal method to regulate menstruation, the first rule appears 30/40 days after the interruption.