Toys for couples of any sexual orientation

9 Jul 2020

Sex toys may come with instructions, but there is no right or wrong way to use them. Various boutiques and erotic sites sell accessories designed directly or indirectly for straight couples, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t options for LGBTQ + couples who want to spice up their nights with a new toy.

In fact, all couples can easily find something to satisfy them … Especially if they know exactly what they are looking for. Whatever you want to try and regardless of the concept with which it is marketed you can use it for your own purposes, without a doubt. Don’t limit your fantasy.

To guide you, we have made a list of the toys with the best ratings and recommended for a wide variety of couples, whatever their sexual orientation.

Good for: everyone!

Lube is a starting point for everything. The water-based lubricant is suitable for most sexual acts, as it is safe for silicone toys and suitable for all parts of the body. Women should look for a glycerin-free lubricant because glycerin can be a vaginal irritant. Silicone lubricant is softer, but more difficult to wash, making it ideal for external stimulation and anal sex, but not indicated for use with silicone toys.

The foot dildo
Good for: all penetration enthusiasts

During sex, the flexibility of the toy allows you to move with the body for a more natural feeling and move to new positions in a comfortable and easy way.

The Pulse Stimulator III
Good for: anyone with a penis

Masturbation tubes are always popular with those who have a penis, says Finn, who recommends the Pulse brand stimulator. It is a toy that uses pulsations to stimulate the erogenous zones along the penis.

Although the Pulse is a great toy for fun on its own, it also has a second external vibrator to stimulate couples sessions. Plus, it’s remotely controllable so you can let your partner take control of your pleasure from across the room.

The Inspire silicone dilator
Good for: trans women

It is recommended that many trans women who choose to have a physical sex change use dilators to facilitate penetration. Sets like Inspire’s Silicone Dilation are great because they not only help with dilation, but they are also great for providing pleasure.

Strapless by Realdoe
Good for: those looking for a penetrating toy

Strap-on double-sided dildos are often cited among the best sex toys for lesbian couples, but they can really be used by anyone.

The clitoral stimulator
Good for: people who have clitoris

If you can’t reach orgasm with a simple penetration, but feel that holding a toy in the air is difficult and uncomfortable, you’re not alone. A clitoral stimulator like Eva II will take your sex life to a whole new level. It glides easily under the lips with flexible wings, allowing you to feel the stimulation of the clitoris without using your hands during penetration.

BuckOff FTM Stroker
Good for: trans men

Created by transgender star XXX Buck Angel, the Buck Off FTM Stroker is a great masturbator for trans men who don’t want to directly touch their growing member due to testosterone supplementation. It is designed to create a suction effect.

Many transgender men find that using Buck Off gives their penis a more “penetrating feel,” unlike other products designed for clitoral use.

b-Vibe Rimming Plug
Good for: those who like anal stimulation

Duran says the bVibe rimming plug is a must for those who enjoy anal pleasure. Its neck has rotating balls to provide stimulation that can be felt throughout the pelvis. It is also remotely controllable so that your partner can control your pleasure.