9 Jul 2020

Among the sexually transmitted diseases one of the most common is syphilis, according to the WHO, worldwide, 5.6 million people get this disease every year.

How is syphilis spread?

We usually know the spread of syphilis through a vaginal or anal sexual intercourse, but it is not the only way.

Syphilis is caused by a bacterium called Treponema pallidum, which can be spread through a sore or rash known as a chancre, present in the person who is infected and usually goes unnoticed.

It can occur both in the genitals and in the mouth, so it is not necessary to have sex with penetration to get it. In fact, oral sex is one of the most common ways of infection. You can also occur with rubbing between genitals, in this case the exchange of flows can spread syphilis without penetration.

Even kisses, although less frequent, can also be a cause of infection.

Is there treatment for syphilis?

Depending on how advanced the disease is, you will receive one treatment or another. It is important to go to the specialist to start as soon as possible, in this way to prevent the disease from progressing and can cause irreversible damage in addition to being able to infect future partners.

Do not maintain any type of rubbing or sexual intercourse until you start treatment, in the case of having a partner it is essential that you talk to her for the test.

In Aragón medical center we advise to always maintain relations with protection in addition to regular checks.

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