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Read news, experiences of our patients and find out how you can help millions of people around the world access a safe abortion.

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Read news, experiences from our patients, and find out how you can help millions of people around the world access a safe abortion.

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Our press office can provide information and comments on issues related to abortion care and vasectomí,as wellas the services offered in Spain.

For more information, write to citas@centromedicoaragon.com

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Experience of our patients

Read powerful stories of patients who have been treated for CMA, to know what to expect and that you are not alone.

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In Spain, one in three women will have one or more abortions in their lives. By sharing our stories, women can feel supported by our choice and know that we are not alone.

Abortion and your rights

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7 home remedies for cystitis

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are caused by a bacterial infection, so doctors generally treat them with antibiotics, but is it possible to treat a UTI without antibiotics?

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Why do relationships change after having a baby?

Parenting can really change a relationship. After all the process, you’re stressed out, you don’t have enough hours of sleep, and you just can’t prioritize your partner anymore, at least not as long as you have a newborn to care for.

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What is normal after an abortion

It is important to know what symptoms you can have after having an abortion, knowing what happens to your body is essential to know what is normal and not after an abortion.

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Today all kinds of aesthetic interventions are performed, to help us feel comfortable with our body.

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