March against government plans to ban abortion in Poland

9 Jul 2020

Today it becomes “Black Monday” again in Poland. Thousands of black-clad or black umbrellas march through towns and villages across the country to extinguish the ashes of the fire they believed extinguished after Parliament, dominated by the Justice and Justice (PiS) party of the ultraconservative and nationalist party Jaroslaw Kaczynski, ceded to his proclamations and repealed a project for the total ban on abortion previously approved. Kaczynski has again influenced the prohibition to abort announced with tuff to vendetta a law so that “even difficult pregnancies go to the end, so that children doomed to not survive after childbirth or with very serious deformations can be baptized.”

Thousands of women demonstrated in Warsaw against the government’s plans to ban abortion, as an advance of this “Black Monday II”, a day that has the support of the Committee for the Defense of Democracy (KOD), which, in turn , has called for a rally in front of the seat of Parliament to protest against the general action of the Government, which they accuse of driving the country towards the authoritarianism that the Polish people fought in the eighties with the Solidarity union.

In the abortion vote, 32 deputies from the government block broke party discipline. The PiS covered the rebellion with rhetoric, saying that it gave freedom of vote. “The government has a weak majority and knows it,” KOD spokeswoman Hanna Szulczwska told the WORLD. He knows this and the pro-abortion movement has made him see that even in a deeply Catholic country, society is dangerously mobilized when it comes to cutting back earthly rights that affect and feel in their own flesh.

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