Is it normal not to have sexual desire?

9 Jul 2020

For all of us there are different stages in the journey that is life and our sexual dynamics are affected by all the changes that occur in our lives. Emotional processes directly impact our desire and our libido. The lack of sexual appetite is something common to which we should downplay and live it with patience, as long as it does not lengthen in time. If you do, it is necessary to seek the support of specialized professionals who can definitely help us in those moments.

There are numerous causes that can cause us the lack of sexual desire or the decrease in our libido:

  • When we go through an economic downturn
  • The stress of a very demanding job
  • Sudden Personal Changes
  • Health problems
  • Excessive tiredness
  • Family concerns or difficulties
  • Do not have disconnection time
  • Problems in the relationship (communication, monotony, sexual bilingualism)
  • Not feeling good about ourselves: body image, self-esteem.
  • Changes in our state as a woman: pregnancy, postpartum.

All these reasons affect our intimate life and our relationship. Tiredness is one of the main causes of the weakening of our sexual desire. It prevents us from seeking moments of complicity with our partner or giving them space in our day to day. Feeling rested is important to have a pleasant and quality sexual relationship.

What can I do to fix it?

We need to properly address this deficiency if it gets too long. Analyzing its causes and seeking support is key to address and solve this problem. There are numerous professionals specialized in sexual psychology that can help us solve and even improve our sex life and our relationship.

Sex is one of the great points of reinforcement in any relationship, taking care of our sexual health and the quality of time we spend with our partner is of great importance for the success of our common project and our well-being.

There are numerous personal initiatives that can help us stimulate our sexual desire and thus maintain a dynamic that enhances our emotional life:

  • Talk clearly with your partner about what is happening to you, always from affection. Avoid the reproaches and use more the “we” and not so much the “you”.
  • Work your personal image, thus improving your self-esteem.
  • Give yourself disconnection time. It is necessary to relax to let the sexual appetite return.
  • Create spaces and times for your sex life.
  • Get inspired by stimuli such as erotic novels or movies.
  • Try new things, innovate.
  • Masturbation helps our sexual appetite
  • Going to a specialist is a perfect step, do not hesitate.