Information on contraceptive methods

9 Jul 2020

Nowadays there is a lot of information about contraceptive methods, but it has been proven that among young people there is a lack of adequate information that can cause their incorrect use.


The importance of correct information

First of all, it must be clear that there is no 100% safe method of contraception against sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies. The most effective method is the barrier contraceptive: the condom.


Among the girls

The contraceptive pill is very reliable, but it is important that it has to be taken every day at about the same time. In case you forget to take one, it is essential to use another contraceptive method to protect yourself (condom) for the next 7 days.

The pill serves to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but it is not the most indicated if you have sex with more people as there is a risk of STD infection.

Among the girls there are a lot of false myths. For example, some girls think that the first time they have sex there can be no pregnancy, something totally false. It is also false that it is impossible to get pregnant if you have complete relationships during your period. There are even those who believe that without reaching an orgasm it is impossible to get pregnant.


Among the boys

The most common error in the use of condoms is not to use them from the first moment of penetration. Most of the boys think that it can be placed at any moment of the relationship and they use it only shortly before ejaculating.

It is important to be clear that there should be no penetration unless there is protection, since before ejaculation man secretes a liquid that contains sperm.


It is important that young people are well informed and advised about their doubts about contraceptives and sex in general. In addition, it is very important to perform periodic gynecological examinations. In our centers there are specialists to clarify any family planning. Request an appointment at

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