In which cases is the Pharmacological Method contraindicated in unwanted pregnancies?

9 Jul 2020

A woman who wants to interrupt a pregnancy in our pregnancy termination clinics, first of all, goes through a consultation with the gynecologist. It is important to obtain a complete medical history and perform an ultrasound to rule out any pregnancy pathology and confirm the weeks of pregnancy.

It is essential that the patient cooperates, informing the doctor of all medical history

As long as the Doctor does not detect any contraindications, the patient will decide the method to abort.

In case of not exceeding 7 weeks of gestation, the patient can opt for the pharmacological method.

When the Pharmacological Method is contraindicated in unwanted pregnancies

In what case would it be contraindicated?

  • In case of severe anemia: if the value of the hemoglobin is less than or equal to 9 gr / l (rare). In case of mild or moderate anemia the pharmacological method can be used, with caution.
  • Chronic adrenal insufficiency
  • Serious Asthma
  • Coagulopathies and bleeding disorders
  • Hereditary porphyria
  • Women carriers of IUD
  • Hypersensitivity to Mifepristone or Misoprostol
  • Suspicion or diagnosis of extrauterine pregnancy
  • Molar pregnancy

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