9 Jul 2020

What is simply a membrane that partially separates the vagina and has no apparent function, in many cultures has become a method of testing virginity. But assuming it as a symbol of virginity can be a mistake.

There are reasons why women may not have hymen, not related to intercourse:

  • There are women born without hymen.
  • Up to 44% of women do not have blood loss during the first intercourse, a fact that in some cultures would be interpreted as having had relationships before.
  • The hymen can also be broken by the introduction of a finger in the vagina or a tampon.
  • Also for practicing exercises such as: horse riding, swimming, cycling or gymnastics.
  • Or for excessive menstrual flow.

But because of this belief, many women undergo hymenoplasty to restore it.

What is the intervention?

When the hymen is torn, the membrane breaks in the form of a «star», when the rupture is small, the remaining remains of the hymen are joined by applying local anesthesia and a small hole is left for the exit of menstruation and other fluids. In the rest of the cases where the rupture is larger, vaginal plastic surgery can be performed.

Wait a while before having sex since you have to let the area heal for a full recovery.

After surgery, the hymen will remain intact, and at the time of intercourse the woman may even feel the same pain as during the first sexual intercourse.

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