How to have safer sex?

9 Jul 2020

Protection is important, but so is pleasure: the good news is that safer sex can bring you both! Here are some tips on safe sex to help you get there.

 How can safer sex make my sexual encounters better?

Having safer sex is already a great reason to enjoy it more and disinhibit yourself more easily. Being well protected, everything is more fluid and sexy. While the preliminaries occur with kisses and caresses and the temperature is rising it is a perfect time to put the condom on. If you are using an internal condom, your partner can put it in your vagina or anus for you. Attitude is everything: the better you feel when wearing protection, the better you will feel when using it. There are many different types of condoms, so everyone can choose the one that makes them feel the best.

Some condoms are designed to enhance feel and enhance sex – textures like studs and ribs, colors, ultra-thin materials, and special lubricants can add spark to the fun. If you use internal condoms for vaginal sex, the inner ring of the condom can stimulate the tip of the penis, and the outer ring can rub the vulva and clitoris, many people like these different sensations. Today condoms can even help sex last longer.

Using additional lubricant is another way to make sex more stimulating and safer at the same time: you can put a few drops of lubricant inside the condom and / or rub it on each other’s genitals. Condoms and flavored lubes can make wearing protection during oral sex a lot of fun.

Nothing ruins a fun and sexy moment like stress. Safer sex is better sex because it allows you to focus on pleasure and your partner without worrying about STDs. Knowing that you are protecting yourself and your partner from STDs or pregnancy can make you feel proud and responsible. And talking to your partner about STDs, protection, and testing together is a great way to strengthen your relationship, improve communication, and increase intimacy and trust.

Barriers like condoms don’t protect you from STDs unless you actually use them, so having protection around you always makes it easier to stick to your safest sex game plan. Fortunately, condoms are small, super easy to carry, and can be stored anywhere. It is also a good idea to have plenty of condoms and lubes near the bed.

I had unprotected sex. What should i do now

Talk to a doctor or nurse about having an STD test. Some sexually transmitted diseases show up on tests within a week after infection. Other STDs take longer and may not show up on a test right away. Get tested right away if you or your partner have symptoms of an STD, or if a previous sexual partner tells you that you have an STD.

But remember, most people who have an STD don’t have any symptoms and don’t know they are infected. So even if you don’t notice any signs of an STD and feel totally fine, getting tested is always a good choice.

If you had unprotected vaginal intercourse (penetrative sex without using a condom) and you are not using another type of contraceptive (such as the pill, IUD, implant, or ring) you may also be at risk for pregnancy.

If you do not want to become pregnant, use emergency contraception immediately. Emergency contraception (also known as the morning after pill) can prevent pregnancy for up to 5 days after sex, but some types work better the sooner you use them, so it’s important to act quickly.