Differences between the morning after pill and the abortion pill

9 Jul 2020

Sexual misinformation in our country usually generates errors such as confusing the morning after pill with an abortion pill. In this article we tell you what their differences are and in which case they are used.

The main difference between these two medications is that the morning after pill serves to prevent a pregnancy, while the abortion pill is used to stop an unwanted pregnancy.

The day after pill

The morning after pill is an emergency contraceptive that is used to prevent pregnancy in the event of having a risky sexual relationship, in which no protection has been used, or the contraceptive method has failed. It causes a change in the hormonal cycle by thickening the lining of the cervix and inhibiting ovulation, that is, it acts before pregnancy occurs.

Its composition does not serve to cause an abortion, if you are pregnant the morning after pill will not be effective.

You can buy it at the pharmacy without a prescription.

For more information about the morning after pill visit the following link.

Abortion pill

In this case, the abortion pill, also called RU486, as the name implies, is used to stop early pregnancies (up to 7 weeks) and always under medical supervision and in accredited health centers such as Aragon Medical Center (this medicine is not available sale in pharmacies)

Before using the abortion pill, it is important to know the medical history and rule out incompatible diseases, such as anemia, among others.

In order to guarantee its effectiveness in the health centers, the pharmacological interruption consists of several phases and always under medical supervision.

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