Can abortion affect future pregnancies?

9 Jul 2020

There are many women who, after going through an interruption of surgical or chemical abortion, question whether they can become pregnant again or if, on the contrary, the abortion will have affected their fertility.

Cases of sequelae after a voluntary termination of pregnancy are very rare; provided that it is practiced properly, in a trusted medical center and with qualified professionals.

The majority of health professionals rate abortion as a low-risk procedure with no serious effect on fertility and the general health of women

In spite of this, it is still a surgical intervention and, as such, it has some risks that must be taken into consideration and to clear up any doubts with the doctors.

Possible risks that may arise after an abortion

The more advanced the pregnancy, the greater the risks. Among them:

-Vaginal bleeding.
-Tear or perforation in the walls of the uterus.
-Damage to the cervix.
-Genital tract infection
-Abscess inside the abdomen.
-Alterations in nearby organs, such as the bladder.
-Each case must be evaluated by a specialist, as it will be best to indicate what to do in each situation.

In most voluntary interruptions there are no complications and women’s fertility is not compromised. If you need more information about surgical abortion or about all your options for interrupting your pregnancy, contact us or come and see us at any of our clinics in Barcelona. We will advise you without compromise so that you find the best option to interrupt your unwanted pregnancy.

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