Commissioning our services

Working together to provide reproductive options to women and men in your area.

Working in partnership

Centro Medico Aragón has been working in partnership with different government organizations and other health care providers to offer high quality reproductive services for more than 30 years. The implementation of our services is a smooth process.

Our dedicated and professional team will work closely with you to develop a patient-centered package tailored to your local needs. Whether you’re interested in our abortion care, including STI testing and contraception, or vasectomy services, we’ll take the time to fully understand your requirements. We provide all our employees with detailed data about their local population accessing our services. Many collaborators have found this extremely useful.

Quality of care

We work very closely with the Quality of Care Commission and the Department of Health to ensure that we are offering the highest level of care.

Working together, we can empower everyone to make sexual and reproductive health decisions that are right for them.

To discuss your commissioning needs, please email us.