20 tips to take care of your mental and physical health

9 Jul 2020

It is always a good time to learn how to take good care of yourself. Therefore, we have designed this plan that focuses on promoting health and wellness. This list includes several lifestyle options that we advise all patients, along with various daily rituals that help us introduce it to our routines. Prepare to feel better than ever.

1. Drink water all day.

Hydration is the key to vitality and health. It helps promote digestion, improve energy and keep the skin clean, among other benefits.

Bored of normal water? Try the flavored water! Some of the best combinations are: strawberry and mint, peach and sage, cucumber and basil.

2. Start your day with vegetables.

Eat a green smoothie for breakfast or a good morning breakfast full of vegetables.

3. Meditate.

Try adding a meditation practice to your day, or just sit back and focus on your breath for at least 1 to 5 minutes or preferably 15 to 20 minutes.

4. Relax.

Time to get comfortable! Watch your favorite movie or get a relaxing treatment.

5. Drink a cup of tea.

Teas are full of antioxidants and are very healthy. You can try the mint or the vanilla. If it’s too hot outside for tea, just chill it to make it a refreshing drink.

6. Use affirmations.

Write some affirmations on a sticky note and put them on the fridge, bathroom mirror, or anywhere you see them often. Throughout the day, repeat them to yourself. One of the ones we suggest is: “My body is full of health and harmony.”

7. Snack nuts.

They will satisfy you and give you mental power. How? Walnuts are a prehistoric food and contain omega-3 fatty acids (which are generally found in fish sources such as salmon). They help stimulate the brain and nervous system, as well as being good for the health of the heart and intestines.

8. Read what inspires you.

Pick some inspiring blog and website articles and read them throughout the day. Or dedicate yourself to a new book that you have been interested in seeing.

9. Chew well.

Chewing is essential for optimal digestion. Try to chew each bite 30 times as a target. Since you are having such a relaxing day, you can surely make a greater effort to achieve it today. Chew, chew and chew a little more.

10. Eat in peace.

Enjoy in a quiet place while you eat every day; relax physically and mentally. Make an effort to do it every day, or every day you can.

11. Dream big.

Make a list of your three big goals and three little goals, right now.

12. Do you feel creative? Make a vision panel!

Use magazines or the Internet to make a collage of images that remind you of your most important goals and dreams. Look at this panel every day. Visualize these goals happening. It is a technique that has proven to be very powerful.

13. Light some incense.

14. Have a fresh juice.

Try a refreshing one with carrots, beets, celery, ginger, and lemon. It is super delicious and contains tons of vitamins and minerals.

15. Bathe and pamper yourself. Use all the tools you have!

Aromatherapy, bath bubbles, bath salts and candles. (If you use candles, make sure they are non-toxic. Look for ingredients like soy wax, beeswax, and vegetable wax.)

16. Enjoy exercising. Connect with nature by walking barefoot on the grass or beach (also great for getting your daily dose of vitamin D), do some yoga, or just stretch your legs. Endorphins will emerge and lift your spirits and your immune system higher.

17. Take a nap. And don’t feel guilty about it.

18. Cook for yourself. Try making a new and healthy recipe that you wanted to try.

19. Laugh. Call your best friend or watch a fun TV show. Laughing is good for the soul and will really put you in a good mood (or better).

20. Use lavender. Put a little lavender oil on your temples for a very relaxing feeling. It is sure to calm you down and smell great.