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  • IUD birth control
    The effectiveness of the IUD can reach 99.9%

IUD placement

The effectiveness of the IUD can reach 99.9%
Gynecologist IUD Barcelona
The IUD is a small object consisting of plastic material , metal ( mainly copper ) and a small thread. Usually T-shaped , suitable to fit the uterine cavity . The IUD acts in different ways , including making it hard for sperm and producing changes in the uterus to prevent pregnancy. In our clinic , The copper IUD places and removes a gynecologist and can be put on any day of the cycle. The effectiveness of hormonal IUD reaches 99.9% . The effectiveness of the copper IUD is 98 %. Depending on the type and model IUD can last 5 to 10 years. If you want to get pregnant , the doctor may remove the IUD at any time you want , you do not meet the years of the device.