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  • contraceptive implant Barcelona
    Contraceptive implant in the arm

Subdermal implant placement

contraceptive implant that is placed on the arm and prevents you from getting pregnant
Contraceptive implant Barcelona
The contraceptive implant is a flexible plastic rod (the size of a matchstick), which is inserted under the skin of the arm and prevents you from getting pregnant.

It works by releasing a small amount of progestogen which acts by preventing ovulation and therefore there can be no pregnancy.

The contraceptive implant is a safe and effective method, ideal for women who plan to become pregnant in the short term. The implant lasts three to five years.

Once in place there is nothing to do or remember. It is not seen by the naked eye and can only be felt if swipes above.

Of course if your plans change and you decide you want to get pregnant your doctor may remove the implant in a matter of minutes.