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  • Medical abortion barcelona
    Medical abortion using the abortion pill

Medical abortion

Up to 7 weeks

Abortion clinic Barcelona
The pharmacological method is a safe method that can be performed until week 7n of pregnancy. 

If you choose the pharmacological method you will have to take orally on tablet of a drug called Mifepristone. Mifepristone prevents the progression of the pregnancy.

After 48 hours should be given another drug called Misoprostol which function is to expel the gestational sac from the uterus.  

Both drugs are necessary to interrupt the process of gestation. 

You need to know that abortion with pharmacological method may take place between a few hourse and several days. 

The pills used in the pharmacological method can only be provided in clinics accredited for termination of pregnancy or in hospitals. 


Medical Abortion up to 7 weeks (it includes: Gynecological visit, ultrasound,medicine and control visit)

350 €

Things to Know

What should I bring?

The day of your visit for an abortion procedure you should bring:
  • ID or Passport. If you are under 18 years old you have to come with your parents or legal guardian.
  • Doctor Referal sheet if you have one.
  • ultradound if you have had one done.
  • Blood tests with blood group and Rh factor (if you have it).


¿How efective is the pharmacological abortion?

It has been demonstrated that the pharmacological method succeeds in 95-98% of cases. In cases where drug therapy has been unsuccessful we shall do a mini aspiration.

¿How can I be sure that the method has worked?

A week after you first visit you will have a first check up to verify the expulsion by ultrasound of the pregnancy. Two weeks after your first visit, you would have a second control to confirm the success of treatment and final discharge.


You have the right to be informed in detail about the risks involved in the realization of an abortion and to be treated with respect.

All information you provide will be carefully registered and protected under the Official Data Protection Act.

If you have a any complaints about your stay at the clinic, please contact the administration of the clinic at admin@centromedicoaragon.com  

Our goal is to improve every day in the care of our patients and would be happy to discuss any issues with you.