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    Abortion, sexual and reproductive right

Voluntary termination of pregnancy

Today, abortion is legal and a right.
Barcelona abortion

In Spain, abortion is legal until the 14th week of pregancy by free decision of the woman and provides for the termination of pregnancy in case of fetal pathology o maternal illness (physical and mental) until week 22.

Medical practice of abortion must be performed by specialized professionals with specific training in abortion techniques and able to support the intervention. The abortion when performed by expert hands is a very low risk intervention, as is done on an outpatient basis and is highly efficient. 

Centro Medico Aragon has more than 25 years helping women to access a legal and safe abortion for your health. We prioritize the welfare of women and for this we have a specific unit composed by specialists in abortion. 

To terminate pregnancy in the early weeks of pregnancy there are two safe methods: pharmacological and instrumental.

What type of VTP do you need?

Things to Know

What should I wear?

The day of his visit to an abortion procedure you should bring:

  • ID card or passport. If minor must come with a parent or legal guardian.
  • For your convenience: long nightgown or robe, socks, underwear parts and 2 napkins.
  • Reference sheet bypass or if you have it.
  • Ecografia prior if you have it.
  • Blood tests with blood group and Rh factor (if you have one).

How much does an abortion?

From Aragon Medical Center we will inform you about prices for abortion, for any questions please contact us and we will gladly.
Depending on the type of abortion the cost of it will be different:
- Abortion Pharmacological from 350 € (up only 7 weeks gestation)
- Surgical Abortion from 340 € to 2290 € (depending on the weeks of gestation)
Aragon Medical Center has more than 25 years of experience helping women to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. In our clinics you will find experienced professionals, without prejudice and with a special sensitivity to provide our patients and their families excellent quality care and humane.


You have the right to be informed in detail about the risks involved in the realization of an abortion and to be treated with respect.
All information you provide will be carefully registered and protected under the Official Data Protection Act.
If you have a complaint about your stay at the clinic, please contact it with the address of Aragon Medical Center: admin@centromedicoaragon.com
Our goal is to improve every day in the care of our patients and would be happy to discuss any issues with you.


Especially for more advanced pregnancies, there is a small risk of complications. All our clinics have an agreement with the nearest major hospital so that in cases where necessary provide immediate support.
Since the procedures are performed in the operating room under aseptic conditions, the risk of infection is very small. Once discharged, in case of fever appear, significant abdominal pain or heavy bleeding, it is best to contact our clinic as soon as possible or your family doctor.